Tenny Big Round Fountain Pen – Snakewood (Medium)


Tenny Big Round Fountain Pen

Length: 15.2 cm (capped) / 13.3 cm (unposted) / 17.8 cm (posted)
Weight: 35.6 grams (with cap)
Diameter: 15 mm
Ink: International standard ink cartridges (long/short) / converter
Nib: Two-tone stainless steel
Body: Snakewood

Comes with a short international standard ink cartridge and ink converter.

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Tenny Big Round Fountain Pen – Snakewood (Medium)

Tenny fountain pens are hand crafted and every single part is made under scrupulous inspections.

Perfection is the entrepreneurial spirit of Tenny Pen. Always endeavour to do better, we strive to make pens that allow users to wonderfully express their personality, sentiment and warmth through handwriting.

Handcrafting is the value of Tenny pen. Each pen is crafted based on the user’s frame of mood. Each pen has the warmth of the maker’s hand, passing the value to the user, then through user’s feelings, transformed into words with warmth, and make the written communication and interaction between people full of warmth and sincerity.

“TENNY 天益名筆: 一枝讀秀,妙筆生花。”

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