OHTO Poche Fountain Pen – Diamond body


  • OHTO
  • Made in Japan
  • Stainless steel nib (Fine)
  • Aluminium construction in attractive finishes: Arabesque, Diamond, Leopard and Zebra
  • Swarovski crystal on top of cap
  • Accepts international standard short cartridges
  • Length: 105 mm (capped), 89 mm (uncapped), 144.8 mm (posted)
  • Diameter: 8.5 mm (grip), 10.8 mm (max.)
  • Weight: 14.6 g

In stock


OHTO Poche fountain pens are compact and beautiful all-metal pens with attractive finishes on the aluminium bodies.
At 105 mm, it is compact and easy to carry when capped.
It has a comfortable length for writing when posted, at 144.8 mm.
The Swarovski crystal on top of the cap adds an extra bling.
It comes in four enchanting patterns – Arabesque, Diamond, Leopard and Zebra.
OHTO Poche accepts international standard short cartridges.
Each Poche fountain pen comes with one black ink cartridge.


Established in 1929 in Tokyo, OHTO CO.,LTD. is credited with many technical inventions.
1949 – OHTO manufactured the world’s first pencil-shaped ballpoint pen with chrome ball. This is the first MADE IN JAPAN ball point pen.
1960 – OHTO developed a non-smudging, fade resistant ballpoint pen ink.
1963 – OHTO manufactured world’s first water-based ball point pen (present day Roller Pen).  In the same year, they launched the ballpoint pens with tungsten carbide balls using polyamide resin (first in the world).
1977 – They are also the first in the world to introduce rubber grip pen.
2000 – OHTO manufactured single-block strong Needle Tip.

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